Vocala and Puzzler launch voice-activated crosswords

“Alexa, open Puzzler!”

Crossword fans can get their daily puzzle fix via Amazon Alexa with the launch of a new voice activated crossword skill. Bringing a new way to enjoy a crossword to the millions of crossworders in the UK, Puzzler is now available to play on all Alexa-enabled devices.

Created in partnership with Puzzler Media, this exciting new voice game will allow users to solve a free daily crossword of up to ten clues with a new crossword to play every day. Passionate puzzlers have the option to upgrade to a Puzzler Premium Subscription for access to a premium crossword of up to 20 clues and up to 84 puzzles per month.

Alexa-enabled devices with a screen will feature interactive crossword graphics to complement the experience, but with voice as the primary interaction Puzzler can be played on any Alexa device.

Richard Matthews, CEO and Founder of Vocala says:

“We believe in the power of voice to create more interactive experiences for people and to deliver greater engagement for brands. Puzzler Media has a history of evolving their content in a fast-moving market and we are proud to partner with them to create this voice-activated experience, bringing an exciting new dimension to the world of crosswords and puzzles.”

Each crossword is devised by Puzzler Media, the go-to name in puzzles in the UK and beyond. Over 10 million people every week buy a magazine or newspaper that carries at least one of their puzzles, with many others completing their top quality puzzles via mobile, online and interactive TV.

Tony Ablewhite, Digital Solutions Manager for Puzzler Media Ltd says:

“Our consumers expect to be able to access and interact with our content across a wide range of formats. Taking puzzles ‘off the page’ and into the interactive world of voice means they can be enjoyed alone or with friends and family. This new format provides a great way to train the brain, particularly for those who might struggle with written puzzles due to visual impairments. We are delighted to have partnered with Vocala to deliver this new and innovative way to enjoy crosswords for our customers.”

The Puzzler skill for Alexa can be played daily completely free,
while the Premium Subscription costs £2.99 per month, with an option to trial for free for seven days.

For anyone who is passionate about puzzles or a whizz with words then this is the Alexa game for them.
Just say, “Alexa, open Puzzler” to get started.